Monday, July 12, 2010

week 1, finished!

Hi to all those from the Mom's Toolbox Week 2 Check-in! It has been a busy week for both Ted and I. Beyond the normal activities of everyday life, we had a houseguest for a couple of days and a visit from the stomach bug...twice! Despite the interruptions we were able to finish Days 1 through 7 of the Bible in 90 Days challenge. We read through Genesis and Exodus, and at the end of today will be more than half-way through Leviticus.

I've been wanting to take notes and possibly blog along the way, but I get caught up in the reading and can't stop long enough to write. There's a lot more reading to come, so maybe in the future... For now, we have been processing what we've read through discussing together. It's interesting how we can read the same passages, yet God speaks to us in different ways.

While I haven't taken detailed notes, I have noticed some common themes. The most notable to me is God's faithfulness contrasted with our sin. Genesis is very drama-laden, with the people lying, blaming, feuding, and so on. Exodus continues with the Israelites grumbling, disobeying, and worshiping idols. Yet God chose to redeem the Israelites and ultimately the human race. People are so undeserving of His mercy, yet He offered (and still offers!) it to us. These first two books are full of history, but reading them in the context of the entire Bible, they are most certainly the beginning of a wonderful Love story.

We're looking forward to the next seven days of reading!

Grace and peace,


  1. I am so amazed at human nature and how it hasn't changed at all since way back then!

  2. I agree that we are not, as a human race, deserving of His Mercy! What an awesome God we serve!

  3. no mattter how many times we read the same scriptures , God will always reveal something new, it's fantastic that the both of you are enjoying reading together